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          Centering around Christ with the George Fox Community off campus.


          詹姆斯项目     Foster Parent Night Out (FPNO)

          亲属-DOM     小+大棕熊

          Immersion & Service (SpIL)游


          小+大棕熊   is an umbrella title depicting four different ways of serving to partner with 纽伯格 Public School Counselors and Teachers in serving local kids:   Big Bruins/1-on-1 mentoring, Volunteer Coaching/Club Advising, 主页work Helpers, Special Projects. These volunteer opportunities seek to encourage the well-being of youth and volunteers alike by establishing trusting relationships and opportunities to achieve. 

          Under-resourced Neighbors

          我们一起吃饭  offers regular opportunities for immersion and service in 纽伯格 and Portland to learn and serve in alongside organizations seeking not only to serve Christ, but also to 遭遇 Christ, alongside people experiencing firsthand the complex problems of poverty, hunger, homelessness, human trafficking, racism, sexism, and other systemic inequities.  

          Neighbors in Retirement

          Fox & Friendsview   connects students with people of older generations at Friendsview Retirement & Avamere communities. This is a relational ministry that allows students and neighbors in retirement to pursue mutually benefiting connections. 

          Neighbors in Foster Care

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          Interested in joining? 点击这里。

          联系信息 If you have questions or are interest in becoming involved, visit //everychildoregon.org/ or contact Cana Buckley at cbuckley17@georgefox.edu

          Neighbors with intellectual or developmental disabilities


          Saturday "詹姆斯项目"/Community Service    

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          Immersion & Service ( 矽品)游  

          These experiences are designed to provide a great way for students to both get a taste and to get involved learning and serving towards community development in the way of Christ Jesus throughout the world. 矽品   矽品   

          Have questions? Seeking Spiritual Direction or Mutual Mentoring?

          Please contact Rusty St. Cyr, Associate Campus Pastor for Service & Christian Community Development, at rstcyr@georgefox.edu 或停经  巴克莱(SPIL)房子  or the 矽品 Desk in Hadlock Student Activities Center for more information on how to get involved. We appreciate your thoughts and questions, and we are very excited to learn and serve with you this year.

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