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          Review your Award Letter
          Award letters are generally mailed out to prospective students beginning in December.
          Accept/Decline Your Awards
          Once you’ve reviewed your award package, you will need to accept or decline your workstudy and/or loans if you decide to take them. This can be done through your MyGeorgeFox account on the ”Accept/Decline Awards” screen.
          Check Your To-Do List

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          Complete Verification (if selected)
          Report External Scholarships
          It is important to report any outside scholarships you have been awarded through your MyGeorgeFox under “Report Other Financial Aid.”
          Apply for Alternative Loans or Parent Plus Loans (if necessary)
          If you aren’t able to cover your balance out of pocket, often it is necessary to take out an alternative loan or a Parent Plus to help cover the gap. It is important to start the process early. Private loans can take several weeks to get processed. You must apply annually to qualify. See Loans for more information.

          Continuation of financial aid requires that the student maintains a good academic standing and maintains satisfactory academic progress. Click here for more information concerning satisfactory academic progress.

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