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          textile studio with art & design students


          Art & Design students, whether majoring in studio, graphic design, illustration, interior design, or arts administration, can choose from a diverse array of courses, including typography, Web Design, photography,packaging, mixed media, printmaking and ceramics. Internships with graphic design firms and practicing artists are a significant benefit and are coordinate for all design majors and many of the studio majors. Art & Design students display their work in on-campus venues including the minthorne和林格伦画廊,工作室3,连字符和图书馆,以及在当地的画廊和整个期间每月纽伯格第一个星期五的艺术活动。自2009年以来,我们已经发布了 hagios 设计年,展示学生的平面设计工作和插图。

          Textile Design Work

          课程:纺织品设计, 大二

          Folded Paper Design


          2D Design Project

          课程:2D设计 沙耶vanderville,大一

          2D Design Work

          课程:2D设计 佐伊pavkovich,大二


          The images above feature selections of work created by majors in the department of art & design. Wherever possible, student names, year in school and the course the work was created as part of is included.

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